Our carp fishing ambassadors are all very experienced sport fishermen and experts in carp fishing, regularly landing carp Up and down the UK!

They live and breathe carp fishing, and go to great lengths for the sport. More often than not, you’ll find them out on the bank catching their next banger and if they’re not out fishing then they’re thinking about it.

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Torayn Bruce

Mr 40

image 6483441(8) 1920w

Robert Bolger

The Rhinossapig Capturer

image0+(5) 2880w

Conor Mcilhone

The Solid Bag Man

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Tallulah Taylor

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Willow Taylor

image0+(8) 2880w

Alvin Ramiah

WhatsApp+Image+2023 09 12+at+17.30.15 2880w

Joe Beaverstock

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Jeremy Allen

image0 2810 29 2880w

Courtney Howells

WhatsApp+Image+2023 09 12+at+21.19.15 2880w

Sammy Morris

image0 287 29 2880w

Scarlett Robinson

image0+(6) 2880w

Jake Archer

IMG 20230205 WA0004 2880w

Martin Taylor

IMG 20230402 122748 819+(1) 2880w

Callum Cusack

charlie PB 1920w+(1)

Charlie Hobday

Kevin Bone 1920w

Kevin Bone

yJOSq384 1920w

Ryan Young

yxIvDJYo 1920w

Edd Ralls

iK 0GYnc 1920w

Dan Seton-Smith

OZQtpS4c 1920w

Gareth Goddard

nick 1920w

Nick Sweatman

Top+Lin 2880w

Mathew Nuttall

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Jordan Markham

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Jordan Hookings

DSC07736+copy 2880w

Luke Tapp

IMG 7468 1920w

Jacob Small

simon beacher 1920w

Simon Beacher

20210906 091946 1920w

Marcus Bartlett

FB IMG 1641845923900 1920w 2880w

Dave Tarrant

luoie 6781e6c6 2880w

Louis Tildsley


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