Courtney Howells

image0 2810 29 2880w


Nursery Nurse


South Wales


33lb 8oz

Favourite Rig

IQ-D Rig

About Courtney Howells

I think the biggest reason I chose Parker Baits is because of the freshness of the batches, also the quality and the catch rate since using it speaks for itself. 

I will always stand on the bank for a while scanning for signs of fish feeding or showing. The majority of times I will use a bait boat using Parker Baits pellet and a few chopped up freebies (depending on the hook bait). Normally during spring/winter that’s when I start turning to small bags of bait. If it’s a new venue that I’m fishing, I will always do my research on social media before turning up to see what usually works and what doesn’t, can never have too much information. 


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