Jay Bezza

Bezza's Carp Channel

image0 2880w


Motorway Cop




35lb 6oz

Favourite Rig

Slip D

Favourite Flavour

OG Fruit & Nut

Favourite Venue

Bluebells Lake

About Jay Bezza

Why did you become a Parker Baits Ambassador?

I’ve been a keen Carp fisherman for about 30 years. I love the outdoors, and the peace and tranquillity that comes with it….I don’t take life too seriously. We don’t get long on this amazing earth, so I try to enjoy every single moment! My YouTube channel is a way for me to relive my journey, and document my success and my failures but also, so you guys can come along on the journey with me and let’s share this fantastic hobby. 

Secondly, I love the energy the parker brothers bring to the bait world…never thought I’d ever get excited about bait, but I gotta say the branding, the package, and the awesome smell is just top notch.


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