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December 3rd, 2023



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Ben Parker

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If there’s one thing I’m constantly asked when I meet potential Parker Baits customers, it’s why do we steam our boilies?

There’s a few reasons why, which I’ll touch on in this article, but it all comes down to nutritional value.

I think we’ve all come to know that carp love boilies for one reason; they’re a nutritious food source. So that begs the question; how can you ensure that the boilies you use are the most nutritious they can possibly be?

There’s the quality of ingredients for starters. Using a bait company that rolls using only the finest and freshest ingredients available will serve you well.

But in a saturated market where quality ingredients are readily available (if you know what you’re looking for), how else can you further boost the nutritional value of your baits?

The answer is in the process of making them, and that’s why we choose to steam our boilies here at Parker Baits.

Why are steamed baits better than boiled baits?

Simply put, you are able to maintain more of the nutritional value that’s lost during the boiling process.

In fact, when you boil baits, you lose around 66% of their nutritional value. In comparison, when you steam them you lose only 11%. That’s a major gain.

It’s the same as our own food when you think about it. If you’ve ever boiled vegetables for slightly too long, they turn to mush and the water becomes coloured as you boil out all of the nutritional goodness.

Carp are not stupid, despite how easy they can be to catch sometimes. They quickly learn what’s good for them, which is exactly why some baits on the market out-catch others. If I had the choice of two baits, one being more nutritionally complete than the other, I know what I’d be opting for.

What’s wrong with the traditional boiling approach?

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional boiling approach. After all, anglers have been using boilies with success for years.

And I think that’s the key here; anglers have been using them for years. Very little innovation has happened in the bait game over the last 15-20 years. What we need, or could produce back then is different to what we need or is available to us now.

Bait application back in the day typically focussed around catapults or throwing sticks; both of which require more solid baits which is what you get from the boiling process.

As carp fishing has evolved though, anglers are now using bait boats and spombs more, both of which allow you to get away with softer, more digestible baits. – Exactly what the carp want.

So opting to steam our baits is as much about moving with the times, innovating and giving the angler a more nutritionally-complete bait over the guy in the next swim.

It was a big step for us as a small family run business to step outside of the norm and choose to steam our baits. I’m so glad we did though as the catch reports don’t lie!

What’s the difference in the finished baits?

If you haven’t laid your hands on some steamed baits yet, I urge you to grab yourself a taster pack of our boilies and compare them to whatever else you’re using.

You’ll instantly see the difference in consistency and breakdown times.

Steamed baits are softer, as we’re not submerging them in water and creating a rock hard outer shell like you get with boiled baits.

Not only does this improve the nutritional value, it also makes the bait much more digestible. Carp can digest and pass our baits easier, essentially meaning that they can consume more and increase the chances of them being caught.

Digestibility is so important, especially when it comes to choosing a bait for the winter months. You want a bait that carp can consume easily without expending too much energy. And while everyone else is washing out their boilies and turning them to mulch ahead of a session, we’re using our super-digestible baits straight out of the bag. – It’s win-win!

Let’s talk attraction

Boilies really come into their own when they’ve been submerged for some time; breaking down and releasing attractants into the water.

And this is another plus in steamed baits for me. Being slightly softer, the breakdown time is reduced and you have the baits working as attractors for you much quicker than a traditional boiled bait.

But we don’t just leave it there.

A major part of our process is the double dusting of our baits. They are dusted once fresh from the roll and again after a steam, giving the baits tens of thousands of extra food attractants.

This produces a crust-like consistency around the baits which gives you that halo effect and instant attraction ahead of the baits themselves breaking down. I’m convinced this leads to faster bites.

Steamed baits are better for the environment

As anglers we should be custodians of the environment and that brings me to my final point; steamed baits are better for the environment.

To produce a batch of bait we are able to use significantly less water than what we would if we were boiling. Not only that, but the process is much quicker too. Our baits are popped into the steamer for just a few minutes before being removed and double dusted.

If you’d like to see the full process of how we make our baits here at Parker Baits HQ, check out the full video below:


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