Why You Should Use 10mm Boilies In Your Fishing


November 28th, 2023



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Ben Parker

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10mm boilies+(1) 1920w

There’s no doubting the success of boilies in carp fishing. Carp love them and they’ve come to know them as a nutritious, high-protein food source which is often readily available all year. 

But like everything that is used a lot, there comes a time you need to start looking at ways to stand out and gain an edge over your fellow anglers.

Pimping up your baits with additional liquids and attractants is one way of doing that, as is using steamed boilies like the ones that we produce here at Parker Baits.

But one area that is often overlooked is adapting the size of your baits. Why? Probably because there aren’t many companies producing smaller baits, and we’ve just become accustomed to using 14mm – 20mm baits over the past few decades.

I am seeing a shift in this though, and every year we’re seeing more anglers requesting our 10mm baits for their winter campaigns.

But why are 10mm baits so effective?

I think much of it is to do with the time of year, with winter being the season that we see 10mm boilies really come into their own.

In the colder months, the carp’s metabolism will have slowed right down, meaning that they’re not favouring big beds of larger boilies like they might have done throughout summer and Autumn.

In general they need less energy in the winter months as they aren’t as active getting around the pond, so lesser quantities and sizes always do well. It’s common in all fishing disciplines; fine-tuning your tackle and bait in the winter can prove dividends.

10mm baits+(1) 1920w

You get more baits per bag when you choose smaller boilies.

Nutritious and digestible baits are what it’s all about in the winter, and that’s exactly what 10mm baits are. Due to the size, they break down a lot faster than larger baits, becoming softer and leaking attractants into the water. And that attraction is exaggerated even more with our double dusting process!

Baiting approach with 10mm boilies

The world really is your oyster when it comes to baiting with smaller boilies.

They’re ideal for catapulting over your spot if you’re just fishing for a bite at a time, and you can probably hit 15-20 yards with ease and accuracy. You can also load up a baiting pole if you’re taking a stealthier approach, something I like to do when fishing to islands and marginal features.

Where I tend to use them most though is in spod mixes alongside various other bits and pieces.

10mm baits are just a fraction bigger than the other items in my mix, and when I find fish in the winter I do like to keep them in the swim grubbing around.

Smaller baits allow you to do that rather than having carp clearing up larger baits in a few mouthfuls and then moving on.

They’re also great for adding to PVA mesh bags and whilst it’s a tactic I don’t deploy often, a handful of 10mm baits cast to showing fish can be the difference between a fish on the bank and a blank session. – That perfect high-nutritional mouthful that they’ve been looking for!

Hook baits when fishing with smaller boilies

As I’ve already mentioned, I do like to use various bits and pieces in my spod mix in all seasons.

Not only does this keep carp grubbing around, but it gives me more choices in terms of hook baits to fish over the top. I do find that a slight change in hook bait size, colour or flavour can often change the course of a session, particularly when the fish are being picky in the colder months.

magic bean wafters+(3)+(1) 1920w

I’m a big fan of our Match The Hatch wafters and it’s hard for me to fish without having at least one rod on one of these.

Equally, I’d have as much confidence in a small pop up bait with a nice bunch of maggots on the top, medusa style. Because what carp in the land can resist a bunch of maggots critically balanced? They’ve got to be one of the best winter carp baits ever. 

Either way, for me it’s all about using smaller baits in the mix to fine it down during the colder months and try to keep them fish on the spot for longer, with bite times being more limited.

Bright wafters can also compliment a mix of smaller boilies, and we’ve all seen carp single out a completely different colour before. Our Magic Bean Wafters are perfect for this, being just the right buoyancy to sit ever so slightly above your free offerings. 

Pimping up your 10mm baits

There’s nothing to say you can’t use your 10mm boilies straight out of the bag, but why wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to increase their attraction?

I may be biassed here but you’ll be hard pushed to find more ‘out-of-the-bag’ attractive baits than our OG Fish and OG Fruit & Nut 10mm baits. 

The process in which they go through post-steaming is unlike any other. They’re dusted and then dusted again with tens of thousands of particles of attractants, leaving a crust-like coating that leaks into the water.

But I do like to take it one step further. To boost them even more I like to douse them in their matching Sauce, along with some Magic Dust and leave to sit for 48 hours.

What this does is it further encapsulates the bait with attractants but also softens it through the soak-up of The Sauce.

Remember, it’s all about having digestible baits in the colder months, so softening them up ahead of a session is a real edge. The last thing you want is rock hard baits when you’re trying to keep carp feeding for longer periods.

Give them a go this winter!

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a big fan of our 10mm baits as the temperatures drop. They might take a little more time and effort to produce for us at Parker Baits, but it’s well worth it when I see how many of our loyal customers use them to devastating effect.

They compliment a winter baiting approach perfectly, being first and foremost nutritious, but also just the right size to keep carp grubbing around on the spot for longer. When feeding spells are few and far between, keeping carp on the feed should be a top priority, as it increases our chances of getting a few bites.


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