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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers about high quality carp fishing products

Why steam boilies? Why are steamed boilies better than boiled?

When making boilies, some people submerge them in boiling water. However, have you ever considered the nutrients left in the discarded water after this process? If you have made boilies at home, you probably noticed that the leftover water smells better than the bait itself.

At Parker Baits, we decided to steam our boilies gently using a commercial-grade steamer. This method allows us to waste less water and retain more nutrients in our baits.

Here are some fun facts:

During the boiling process, approximately 66% of the natural qualities are lost, whereas steaming results in a loss of only around 11%.

Our priority is to preserve the great quality ingredients in our products. Gently steaming our boilies ensures that they don’t harden, break down over time, and float to the surface like any high-quality bait should.

It’s interesting to note that even today, 90% of all UK bait companies still boil their baits. We invite you to visit our store and see our steamed products for yourself. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

How does delivery work with Parker Baits & freezer baits?

Please take note of the following information:

Orders are shipped using a 24-hour tracked courier service with DHL or a 48 hour with Royal Mail. Most orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days of your purchase.

If your order contains freezer products, it will not be sent out on a Friday to avoid the products being stored with the couriers over the weekend.

If you want your products to arrive in time for the weekend, we recommend placing your order by Wednesday evening of the same week to ensure a timely delivery.

How long will my freezer baits last outside of a freezer

Our freshly frozen baits, once defrosted, will last up to one week outside of a freezer. In warmer temperatures, keep your bait out of direct sunlight. This will help keep your products from spoiling. Using rock salt will also help preserve your bait for longer periods. Coat your boilies in rock salt 3-5 days into your fishing trip, and they will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. However, this will draw out moisture and harden your baits. Tip: Try only to defrost the amount of bait you will need for your fishing trip. We don’t recommend refreezing products more than once.

Why do I need high quality bait for carp fishing

Carp fishing has become increasingly popular, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many previously open fishing areas are no longer available, and as a result, anglers are now adopting new tactics.

It’s important to understand that the lakes are regularly exposed to a variety of low-quality bait products. The fish are smart and won’t be easily lured by subpar offerings. Similar to how humans prefer high-quality food, carp are looking for the best options as well.

Using high-quality bait with balanced ingredients is crucial for the health, growth, and digestive system of carp. Quality bait will attract carp and keep them feeding for longer periods.

Anglers often spend months planning their fishing trips and invest days on the bank. It’s essential not to compromise on the most important aspect of the session – your bait. Take the time to research and invest a little extra money. It’ll be worth it and can significantly improve your catch rate.

What's the difference between OG Fish and the Fruit & Nut varieties

The Fruit & Nut bait contains coconut, chocolate, orange, and peanut natural flavorings. These custom Parker Baits flavorings are combined to create a unique scent profile similar to the Snickers chocolate bar. Fruit & Nut can be used throughout the year. 

This bait includes crunchy tiger nut meal that carp adore and the best peanut proteins available in the market. We have also incorporated high-quality bird seeds, superfoods, and cereals in this product.

The OG Fish bait contains squid, octopus, and an intense hot chili flavoring. This combination is highly effective. OG Fish can be used all year round.

While we can’t reveal our secret recipe, we can share that the best CLO money can buy and the highly stimulating protein-packed blood plasma are included in this bait. The widely renowned robin red is also a part of this bait, giving it the color, sweetness, and a peppery/spicy kick.

Should I use OG Fish or Fruit and Nut flavoured bait

Both baits have their own unique benefits and can make a significant impact. There are numerous factors to consider, making it nearly impossible to provide a definitive answer. Some things to think about include what other anglers are using (consider trying something different), the type of terrain (silt, weed, gravel, or clay), as well as the weather and time of year. We have full confidence in both products, but we utilize them differently based on specific scenarios. It’s not possible for us to give you a direct answer. However, we are always available to provide advice over the phone. Feel free to give us a call or schedule a visit to the factory, and we can demonstrate our various carp fishing products and how we would use them.

What size boilie should I buy

In winter, when carp are less active, use smaller baits such as 10mm boilies and low-oil pellets in PVA bags with a single hook bait. If the carp are feeding, try the “little and often” approach. Our Crumb/Chop bait is perfect for winter as it keeps carp interested in your baited area for longer periods.

During summer, many people use larger baits, oily pellets, and fishmeal-based products, but don’t overlook high-quality nut-packed boilies like our OG Fruit & Nut, which can be effective in summer. You can use 18mm – 20mm boilies depending on your location during summer, but we don’t use boilies over 18mm unless we’re fishing outside the UK. Feel free to provide plenty of bait in the summer months and consider adding prepared Hemp, Tiger nuts, or other particle-based blends to your boilie mixes.

Natural baits such as maggots and chopped worms are excellent for winter fishing.

Remember to vary your boilie sizes all year round and consider chopping some up. Carp are intelligent and can easily spot a pile of 14mm boilies with a fluorescent pink pop-up. Scatter your baits and mix up the sizes for better results.

Do you use artificial flavours or colourings?

We use only high-quality ingredients with natural colors and no artificial flavors or colorings in our OG Fish or OG Fruit & Nut boilies. All our flavors are bespoke, human-grade, and of high quality.

Is your carp fishing bait safe for the environment and the fish?

Ensuring that we provide well-balanced and high-quality fishing bait is crucial for the health of carp. At Parker Baits, our products were created with fish welfare in mind. Our boilies are designed to be easily digested by carp and other cyprinids.

Our baits will break down over the course of a week and eventually float to the surface, as any high-quality bait should. We produce only fresh freezer bait boilies using some of the best available ingredients with no preservatives.

Shelf life boilies will last almost indefinitely. Do you want food that lasts forever? Have you ever seen those pictures of a McDonald’s meal that has been left for years? They don’t change – no mold, rotting, or anything.

We understand that it’s convenient, but is it as good as a freshly frozen freezer bait product? We’ll let you make your own decision on that one. Your bait will likely be under two weeks old when you order from Parker Baits.

How quickly can you deliver my fish bait

Our parcels are shipped using a 24-hour courier service after dispatch. If you won’t be at home, please indicate where you’d like your parcel to be left. Orders are usually dispatched within 1-2 business days. However, during busy periods, it may take up to 7 business days to process orders. If you place a freezer bait order on Thursday or Friday, it will be dispatched the following Monday to make sure that no baits are left out of the freezer over the weekend.

Can you provide a discount if I order my bait in bulk.

If you place an order for our great value bundle deals or for items weighing over 50kg, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss custom discounts for large bait packages.

For orders over 50kg, we will prepare the order freshly. This allows us to make slight adjustments such as steaming times, depending on your preference for softer or stiffer boilies. This can affect breakdown rates, providing a natural advantage for carp fishing.

We offer both collection and delivery options.

Get in touch with us today!

Why should you use the Parker Baits Online Shop

Buying your carp baits at our online shop means that you will ensure that you will get the highest quality boilies in the UK

As well as the quality of our baits, we also pride ourselves on the excellent service and quick delivery times for all orders.  All of this comes at an affordable price.

So Parker Baits is the perfect place to buy your carp baits and boilies.

Why are soft boilies better for carp fishing?

Soft boilies are preferred for carp fishing because they release higher levels of attraction compared to over-boiled shelf-life products with minimal nutritional value. When gently steamed for short periods, these baits break down over the course of a week, depending on water temperatures and conditions. Eventually, the food particles from the boilies float to the surface. Regardless of the brand, high-quality baits should break down entirely and float to the surface. This makes them a safer and more attractive option for carp fishing.

Why do you include the egg shells in your boilies?

Carp have teeth inside their throat, called pharyngeal teeth, which resemble molars and help crush food like snails, seeds, and plant matter. When making our boilies, we aimed to replicate the natural feeding behavior of carp, including the crunch they experience when eating seeds or snails. Additionally, adding eggshell increases the protein and calcium levels in our boilies.

How do I boost my boilies?

Remember the following steps for boosting your boilies before a fishing session:

1. Defrost your boilies or bait 48 hours before your session.

2. After the boilies have defrosted (which typically takes around 12 hours), spread them out and let them air dry for another 12 hours.

3. Once the boilies are dry, glaze them with “The Sauce” and allow it to soak in for 12 hours.

4. With 12 hours left, the boilies will be slightly sticky. Seal the boilies with “Magic Dust” to cover them with a variety of food particles for the ultimate attraction.

Do you have any other questions about our baits or online shop?

If so please get in touch, we will love talking to anglers and carp enthusiasts about all things fishing!

Alternatively follow us on our social media channels where you’ll be able to engage with a great community of carp anglers from all around the world and get loads of tips and hacks to improve your carp fishing skills

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Also, follow us on social media channels where you’ll be able to engage with a great community of carp anglers from all around the world. Get loads of tips and hacks to improve your carp fishing skills.


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