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Saturday 13th July 2024 – 10am – 3pm


ParkerBaits HQ, Wintershill, Durley, Southamption, SO32 2AH


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The Parker Baits Open Day tickets are now live! We are holding the event at Parker Baits HQ in Southampton on the 13th July 2024. It’s a day of fun-filled activities for anglers of all ages.

Last year, over 200 people attended the event, and this year, we raised the numbers up slightly to 400. The tickets for the event sold out within three weeks last year, so if you’re interested, you should grab yours as soon as possible.

Checkout our vlog from last years event!

The event will be held at ParkerBaits HQ in Southampton and will feature various activities for attendees throughout the day. It is ideal for young carp fishing enthusiasts, as there will be a special Carp Fishing activity planned for those under 16 around the lake, with ambassadors available to guide and mentor them. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet personalities from our videos, such as Ben, Rob, Ian, Mr 40, and many more! The lake will be open for a limited time, providing under 16s with the chance to fish and take photos with their families.

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Another exciting activity at the Parker Baits Open Day is casting on the field with Mark Armstrong, who will demonstrate different casting techniques to help improve attendees’ abilities. Mark Armstrong is a tournament caster and long-range angler. He has been involved in tournament casting for the last 3 years and has been a long-range angler for the past 10 years, primarily fishing in large waters. His interest was sparked during his teenage years while watching Mark Hutchinson for inspiration. In the casting scene, Mark is one of the top 5 biggest casters in the UK and represents England in the world carp casting championships. He has achieved casts of up to 232.97 meters or 255 yards. In his tuitions, he covers all aspects of casting, including line diameters, correct knots, techniques, and motions to increase distance and accuracy. Mark’s main focus is on working together to help clients reach their desired range on mono straight through to prevent any line breakage and ensure safe fishing at long range.

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Additionally, there will be a Parker Baits game for attendees to participate in. Last year, a fun game was set up that was perfect for competitive attendees, involving three or four large buckets to showcase their angling skills.

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Apart from fishing and casting activities, attendees will have the opportunity to shop for Parker Baits products at discounted prices. Products such as Flat Spot, The Sauce, and Magic Dust will be available at the lowest prices, along with fresh bait cooked that week.

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To make the event even more enjoyable, Parker Baits has arranged for a free burger and cake provided by Sean The Chef.

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The Parker Baits Open Day promises to be an exciting event for all anglers, featuring a range of activities, expert advice from casters, discounted product prices, and the opportunity to connect with others who share a passion for fishing.


Click the link to purchase tickets!

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