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Boilies – OG Fish – Freezer – 18mm – 5kg


OG Fish is the ultimate carp bait – with old-school squid and octopus, then jazzed up for maximum appeal by an explosive chilli spices and flavourings.​

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OG FISH has what it takes if you’re looking to bring the heat this fishing season! This delicious blend of LT94 and CPSP90 is sure to attract plenty of bites. So don’t miss out on your chance for a chunk – get some OG FISH today!

OG Fish is the ultimate carp bait – packed with intensely nutritious ingredients and flavoured with Old-school Squid and Octopus, then jazzed up for maximum appeal by an explosive chilli spices and flavourings. The deep red of OG Fish draws fish to it like a magnet – irresistible in every way!

Since the start, we’ve kept our secret ingredients hush-hush! But now it’s time to divulge a few of the critical components that have made this bait so top-notch. Our unique combination includes high-quality bird seeds, cereals, and protein-enriched blood plasma – plus something special: robin red with its distinctive sweet spice kick.

OG Fish is the go-to solution for a successful fishing experience throughout the year. But its efficacy skyrockets in warmer months, making it an invaluable resource to anglers looking for their next big carp!

What you can expect from the og fish boilies

Double dusted and cured baits

All of our baits go through a 2 stage dusting/curing process. They receive a generous covering of over 20+ perfectly blended microscopic food particles, creating a superior product entirely different from anything else on the market.

steamed to lock in nutritional value

We include many expensive ingredients, so we mustn’t lose 66% of their natural qualities, which is happening in the boiling process. Our baits get gently steamed, only losing 11%, meaning we retain 55% more nutritional content. Another apparent reason why Parker Baits stand out from the rest.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

14mm, 18mm


Freezer, Shelf Life


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Family Run
Unique Blend
Premium Bait
High Performing Carp Bait