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Magic Dust – OG Fish


Parker Baits Magic Dust is an all in one game-changer, adding powdered attraction to your spod mixes, hookbaits or PVA bags.

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Welcome to the ultimate bait enhancement tool. Parker Baits Magic Dust is an all in one game-changer that every angler must-have in their armoury.

We have worked endlessly to formulate a super-powerful, potent bait enhancer. These shakers are packed with over 25 different ingredients that carp LOVE.

This perfectly blended fine dust is a cost-effective way of enhancing single hook baits, stick mixes, spod mixes, ground bait, particle and pretty much everything else. Apply it to anything with moisture, or add dry to your PVA bags as a way of tightening air gaps or protecting your hookpoint.

What does magic dust do in the water?

When submerged in water the Magic Dust hits different levels of the water column, slowly releasing many different aromas and carp stimulants. This product also creates a potent dust cloud around the target area, sprinkling the perfect ratios of different amino acids, minerals, vitamins and LIPIDS that carp desire. All ingredients in the magic dust are highly digestible to fish.

What’s in the magic dust?

Each magic dust contains 300 grams:

  • Crushed Hemp
  • Squid meal
  • 5+ Spices
  • Robin Red
  • Salmon (Extract PB)
  • Kelp
  • ParkerBaits Fishmeals
  • Blood plasmas
  • Himalayan pink rock salt
  • 10+ Secret Ingredients

What can you expect from the magic dust?


The Magic Dust has been specifically designed to boost attraction around your hookbait with very little in terms of food source for the carp to become pre-occupied on. Usable in warmer and colder months, the Magic Dust adds a cloud of aroma around your bait, drawing carp down to your spot.

A super-versatile addition to your baiting regime

Once you’ve used the Magic Dust, you’ll wonder how you ever fished without it. It’s uses are limitless and we’re still hearing of new ways that customers are using it weekly. Add it to your spod mixes, coat your boilies, dip your rigs or use it to create super-tight solid PVA bags.


Getting bites faster is all about finding the fish and providing enough attraction to get them interested. The Magic Dust is perfect for this, giving off a cloud of attraction with minimal solid food source.

HOW CAN YOU USE the magic dust?

Add to spod mixes

Leave a trail of attraction through the water column, drawing fish down to your free offerings.


Use the Magic Dust to pack out the air gaps in solid PVA Bags, making them more attractive and aerodynamic.

Dusting boilies

Combine with a liquid like the OG Fish Sauce to provide an extra coating on your baits, further boosting their attraction.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
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Who are Parker Baits?

When you choose Parker Baits, you’re not just buying a product; you’re joining a family of like-minded anglers. We continuously innovate our products based on customer feedback and fishing trends. With Parker Baits, you’re supporting a family that appreciates your custom.


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Family Run
Unique Blend
Premium Bait
High Performing Carp Bait