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Pellet – OG Mini Mix – 1kg


The ultimate pellets for solid PVA bags, featuring a range of pellets for optimum attraction and breakdown times around your hookbaits.​

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Our OG Mini Mix PVA Bag Mix is back and better than ever, often regarded as the best PVA Bag Mix by our ambassadors! The ultimate pellets for solid PVA bags, encompassing a range of pellets for optimum attraction and breakdown times around your hookbaits.

What you can expect with our PVA Bag Mix

Multiple pellet breakdown times

When you’re fishing with solid PVA bags, it’s vital to have a range of pellets in your mix to enhance attraction and give you different breakdown times. This pellet comes premixed in a range of sizes (1mm-3mm) to suit all your solid bag and groundbait needs.

High Nutritional Value

Anyone who uses our baits will know that nutritional value is at the forefront of our entire product range, and that includes our solid bag pellets. These don’t just sit around gathering dust in a warehouse, they’re mixed and flavoured weekly at our HQ, bringing you the freshest and most potent pellets for your solid bag fishing. We spent years sourcing the best pellet for this mix to ensure the nutritional value was as high as it is with our boilies.

Combine With Pop Ups & Wafters

The OG Mini Mix Pellets work perfectly alongside bottom baits, pop up baits or wafter hookbaits, giving you countless options. Fish with a match the hatch wafter for a subtle approach or combine with a pineapple pop up to tempt a quick bite or when casting to showing fish.

How to use these PVA Bag Pellets

The clue is in the name! These pellets work best inside solid PVA bags or PVA mesh bags. Some anglers are known to use them in spod mixes, but for that we often recommend our matching OG Fish Pellet or OG Fruit & Nut Pellet which come in slightly larger sizes.

The Mini Mix has been specifically designed for solid bagging, as the various pellet sizes compress down tightly together, forming super-tight solid bags that can be cast easily at range. Most anglers like to compliment this with our Magic Dust inside their solid bags too, which provides the perfect protection for your hookbait.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
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