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The Sauce – OG Fish


The ultimate additive for glazing boilies, adding to stick mixes and spod mixes.

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Focusing on the perfect partnership with our OG Fish range, this liquid is the ultimate additive for glazing boilies, additions to stick mixes and is perfect for use in groundbaits.

What’s in the OG Fish Sauce?

The OG Fish Sauce includes cayenne chillis fermented for several months allowing a gradual breakdown of nutrients, flavours and oleoresins within the chilli. This highly addictive olfactory & gustatory ensures the necessary stimulation from all types of fish, particularly cyprinids. Amino ccid molecules in this liquid are readily detected by fish.

What can you expect from the OG Fish Sauce?

A thick consistency

As soon as you use the OG Fish Sauce, you’ll notice it has a fairly thick consistency. This is purely due to the sheer number of ingredients included and the fact that is is not ‘watered-down’ like other liquids additives on the market. It’s a super-sticky additive, ideal for glazing boilies and adding to spod mixes.


The OG Fish Sauce is not just for spod mixes and boilies, it can be adding to your PVA Bags too. With an oil based you can dip your PVA bags in the sauce or squeeze it into your solid PVA bags.


The benefits of a heavier liquid like the OG Fish Sauce is that it actually reaches the bottom, giving off clouds of attraction that lead down to your spot.

How to use the OG Fish Sauce

Add it to your spod mix

Squirt a whole load of The Sauce into your spod mix to give off a cloud of attraction from your free offerings.


It’s honey-like texture ensures that it stays stuck to whatever it’s added to. It’s ideal for dipping your rigs or stick mixes/PVA stringers.

Glaze & Rehydrate boilies

Add The Sauce to your boilies ahead of or during a session to rehydrate them, allowing the baits to take on further attractants.

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Family Run
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